Monday, August 11, 2008

9XM Funny Joke

Idhar ka whole public calls Chote and him Bade. Bade is my college senior. 

Faced with many speed breakers, Bade was soon class.Now we are ekdam Ram-Lakshman maafik. Bade is really cool. His bungalow is Full Rapchik, located in an upmarket locality.

Abi enough! Before Bade screams, BAKWAAS BANDH KAR! Apun kalti marta hai. To know more about  read slam book.  includes my B’day and my sun sign and things I like. love gifts.

more sawaal before I leave. Tu kisi ko pakaya kabhi sure you have. Dekh! Don’t lie! Abhi chal, tell experiment tera idea Bade. That too TV. Then see kaisa fun aayega.

Beetle Nuts - 9XM

Betel Nuts - Lohe Ko Loha

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